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Frequently Asked Questions

Ask away!

Why Guadalajara?

Unlike other traditional offshoring locations like India, China, Vietnam and The Philippines, Guadalajara is only a 2-3 hour flight from most US cities, is more US culturally aligned than other countries, and is in the same time zone as the US.
Considered the "Silicon Valley" of Latin America, Guadalajara is Mexico's 2nd largest city and is a mecca for international businesses to establish technical, back office, and manufacturing operations due to the lower costs, significant educational background of the employee base, and their ability to speak English in a multi-national business environment. 

What is the cost to hire roles at Meztal?

Normally the cost to staff through MezTal is about half of the equivalent role hired in the US.
We hire for any type of remote position. Our clients often hire for roles in accounting, recruiting, marketing, back-office support, customer support, development, engineering and more.

What is included in the 'passthrough fee'?

This covers all the employee non-payroll driven costs like: office, computer, onboarding, office-related expenses, and more. We handle the boring stuff so you can focus on culture, performance, and growth with your team.

What control do I have on my team member?

Complete control. Your team members with MezTal are effectively your employees. This means you can hire, and fire. You can bonus and give raises. It is completely up to you. We can help with ranges and expectations as well as the best way to design value-oriented compensation arrangements.

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